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Cameron Park

South Pittsburgh Street


A co-operative rehabilitation project


City of Connellsville

Connellsville Garden Club

Connellsville Redevelopment Authority

The Connellsville Area Garden Club is working in partnership with the City of Connellsville, the Connellsville Redevelopment Authority, the Fayette County Cultural Trust and other groups to fund this project, via grants, fund raisers and private donations. The renovation is planned and underway. The park, adjacent to the Carnegie Free Library, spans the block along Fairview Avenue and will be transformed with new plants, plantings, trees, and energy efficient lighting. The outdoor amphitheater, benches and tables and an outdoor arboretum will attract new users.

Other features of Cameron Park will include the following:

-ADA parking and ramps near entrances.

-A decorative fountain, benches and native trees for summer shade.

-The amphitheater will offer a venue for concerts, theater events, and puppet shows.

-Other crucial design elements include rain water runoff control and inviting entrances.

-A butterfly garden, pollinator garden and herb garden will provide educational opportunities for students, scouting groups and visitors.

-Native species such as rhododendrons, mountain laurel, witch hazel, service berry and other flowering plants will be planted along the steeper banks, providing spring color and food for birds.

-The park, located in our downtown, would be an ideal location for festivals.

-The park will also be used by library patrons and for library events.

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